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The music picks up the pace, the heart pounds faster, your eyes are wide, you are on top of your partner and the world comes to a standstill, the next second your body swirls as the chords go long, you spin, enchant, enthral, and keep gliding through the air as you feel the crowd gasping and your partner preparing for the next move: this is what acrobatic gymnastics is all about. Teamwork, body coordination, flexibility, strength, a lot of fun and excitement as you discover the hidden artist inside you.

Anyone who loves crowd appreciation is attracted to watch and learn acrobatic gymnastics. Females, as well as males as young as five years old can start working on these routines as there is no experience required.

You will start by learning the routine basics, full turns, half twists, the somersaults, and other advanced moves that will need you to teamwork with another partner or a whole group. As you master the techniques and work on improving your body strength, you will find it exciting and adventurous to try new moves with your routine group that will become exclusive show-stoppers that everyone will talk about. Do it for your personal fun and fitness or be a local celebrity by winning competitions, this is something not to be missed.

The acrobatic gymnastics comprises of advanced artistic movements and requires extraordinary discipline, battering courage and untiring trust among the partners. The acrobatic gymnastics are an expression statement as the routines are manoeuvred according to dedicated music and performed on a 12x12 metre flex floor surface.

The high degree of visual appeal of acrobatic gymnastics makes it even ideal for dramatic representations on orchestras as the competition has five categories:

• women’s pairs
• women’s trios
• mixed pairs
• men’s pairs
• men’s fours

The special routines of acrobatic gymnastics require advanced physical and psychological discipline. The gymnasts must practice together and have developed a relationship on trust and responsibility by working closely together. The skills and body moves of both the partners are combined by acrobatic gymnastics to fabricate a harmonious, expressive, and artistic performance acrobatic dance that will leave the spectators breathless and wanting for more.