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Can’t find exceptional floor music that stands out from the rest of your peers? Well, you are at the right place!

To get your bends right, you need a very special beat you can focus on. Yes, to get a “perfect ten”, you need a synchronised beat which can tell you what to do and when to do it.

To perform well, you need focus and a hang. A hang is anything which settles in your brain and urges out the right action at the right moment. Our songs can give you the much needed hang. With a wide range of our custom designed music, you can perfect your next routine into an elegant and seamless range of flowing motions.

Award Floor Music

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Five main reasons why our customers love us:

  • We offer lowest prices and best quality nobody can beat. Really. Check for yourself.
  • We are also gymnasts. Thus we really know what kind of music you need to win.
  • We add new exceptional songs every week.
  • We provide free demos and instant access to your music.
  • We do custom editing of any song you buy. Free of charge.

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So now that you are here, go ahead and have a good look through our music categories and genres to pick the most suitable music choice for your routine. We aim to update our music categories with new music on a monthly basis and the most recently added music will be marked with a "New" icon next to it.

When choosing floor music, it’s important to consider whether the gymnast will enjoy the song and feel confident in conveying the content of the chosen music. Browse the genres that will suit the particular dancing style of a gymnast and make sure the music matches his or her personality and dancing abilities.

Bear in mind that any floor music can be shortened or extended free of charge, therefore if the required length is different from a demo, send us an e-mail with your specific requirements and we will aim to reply within 3-5 working days with a new demo.

What really makes TuneGym stand out from others is the ability to scroll through a list of music and listen to the full demos on the same page and check out with a single click. Upon successful payment, there is no need to wait for the CD to arrive by post – instead you receive an e-mail with an instant download link to your floor music.

Can’t Find Right Beat?

Have a piece of music for your routine that you really like? Let us help. We'll do professional tailor-made editing service just for you.

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